Submitting your photos & film footage to Sasy Images

Still Image Guidelines

Technical Requirements for Still Images

  • File size must be a minimum of 5000 pixels in width, TIFF files saved with Adobe RGB (1998) colour space. If this option is not possible, JPEG files saved as best quality, 8bit, Adobe RGB(1998) colour space are accepted.
  • Images should not be upsized (interpolated) as it reduces image quality. On the other hand don’t reduce file sizes if your camera can produce native files bigger than this and submit them at highest resolution.
  • Images must be free of dust, digital artefacts, excessive noise and over-sharpening.
  • File Names: if original file names are important to your own records, please let us know. We can retain the information in the end part of our file names. Do not use spaces in file names, hyphens can be used.

Metadata for each submitted photo

  • Short Title (maximum 60 words):
  • Caption (no limit of length): expansion of the title, this needs to include Scientific name for flora and fauna, location (including country) and shoot date. You should only describe what are visible in the image.
  • Keywords: in words or short phrases, separated with comma. Only use related words with strong association to the picture.

All metadata should be embedded in the pictures. If this option is not possible, this can be submitted in a separate excel format file (example file can be sent on request).

It is extremely important to accurately title, caption your images. We have legal obligation to customers to provide the correct information.

Misspellings will result in images not showing up in the search. If there are alternative spellings of the subject, include them all in caption (within brackets after the most commonly use word) and/or in keywords. Keep the usage of punctuation marks to a minimum and only use comma and colon when needed.

Use only English characters, the database cannot translate foreign language characters.

Uploading your images: We are currently using Google Drive, Dropbox and Amazon S3 storage and FTP upload. Let us know what is the best method for you.

Basic Video Guidelines

  • Formats H.264, 4K or Full HD, QuickTime, Best Quality. We may be able to accept other formats but please get in touch.
  • Duration Minimum of 5 seconds for each clip. Suggested maximum of 60 seconds. Durations longer than 60 seconds is allowed if the content justifies it.
  • Recommended Colour Space Rec709 or Rec2020.
  • Audio Include ambient sound in your files only if it enhances the file, and is recorded at appropriate levels and with adequate quality.
  • All clips should be free from camera shake, judder, flicker, and silent channels, any clips found to have technical issues could be rejected.
  • Each submission must be accompanied by a film log describing every clips in details.
  • Video submissions can be uploaded by any of these methods: Google Drive, Dropbox and Amazon S3 storage and FTP upload. Let us know what is the best method for you.

If you are interested in submitting video, we will also send you full tech specs and a submission log.

Drone Images and Video

We accept video shot with a drone, these are subject to having and providing to us any required model/property releases for commercial use. There are legalities to be aware of when flying a drone to capture video for commercial use, these will differ on a country-by-country basis, for most countries you must be a qualified UAV pilot, have a licence, insurance and permission to fly/photograph over land, property and people, it is the responsibility of the operator to have the required documents before shooting, we expect you to have full knowledge of where you can and cannot fly and may also request eyesight of any documentation before accepting the work.

Model and Property Releases

Photos of recognisable people or taken on private property or containing copyrighted/trademarked material must be submitted with fully compliant model and or property releases. If you need example of Model and Property release form, please let us know.

We reserve the right to contact the models or properties to check compliance.

Unreleased images may be selected for editorial use only if required.

Subjects Wanted

Our specialist areas for both still images and film and video footage are Aerials, Landscapes, Wildlife, Nature and the Environment, World Cultures and People, Micro and Macro images, particular Scanning Electron Micrograph, Light Micrograph and other micro and macro subjects.

Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights infringements are becoming an increasingly growing subject that many photographers may be unaware of. Intellectual property includes trademarks, designs, architecture, artworks, private property and rights to privacy.

We regret we are unable to accept images or video of any sporting or concert events where commercial photography is prohibited. Many museums, castles or any property that charge visitor admission fees do not allow photography for commercial use without written permission. Other problematic subjects include graffiti and street art and any copyrighted artwork in a public space. Please do your research before submitting any of them.

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