About Sasy Images

Newly established, Sasy Images is a specialist photography library providing extremely high quality still and moving images of specific subjects. The diverse selection ranges from aerial views high above the English Somerset Levels to the remote Amazon rainforest, from the close encounter with the most endangered Asian and African wildlife species to the smallest living things visible only through an Electron Microscope, from walking on tropical beaches of Thailand to the deepest jungles of Ecuador with the indigenous peoples of South America.

The large section of images was the lifetime work of the late Adrian Warren, who dedicated his life to the support of endangered environments and species through expeditions and wildlife filmmaking. His pictures from South America and Africa, two of his most favourite continents and from his home country the United Kingdom, are featured heavily in the library.

In the later years of Adrian’s life, through his love of flying, he teamed up with Dae Sasitorn his partner, for a large aerial photography publication project and what a dream team they made! For a number of years they flew the length and breadth of the United Kingdom in their own aircraft and published many books resulting in one of the most comprehensive archives of beautiful aerial images of the United Kingdom you will ever see. Dae’s love of photography has continued and together with her brother, Rungsilp Sasitorn, a brilliant landscape photographer based in Thailand, they established Sasy Images.

The images are quite specific in many different areas and the list here is aimed at providing some understanding of what we are about. Please take a little time browsing through the portfolio galleries to see a selection of our images. Everything can be searched with simple keywords. We only provide Rights Managed images for which there is a simple pricing system. If your usage is different and you would like to discuss some options, please do not hesitate to contact us. Discounts can be arranged for educational and charitable organisations and bulk purchases. Most of the images are not sub-licensed with other agencies and it is our intention to keep it that way to maintain reasonable pricing for our clients.

Thank you for your interest.

Company Information

Sasy Images Limited
Company No. 13234171
VAT No. 373 7118 87
Registered Address:
Wedmore, Somerset, United Kingdom

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