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Mount Nyiragongo, an active volcano in the Virunga Mountains, Congo Mount Nyiragongo, Great Rift Valley, East Africa
Photo by: Adrian Warren
Breathtaking aerial images of
landscapes, cityscapes and landmarks
from around the world
Beeston Castle, Cheshire
Photo by: Dae Sasitorn
Broch of Gurness, an Iron Age 'broch village' on the northwest coast of Mainland Orkney, Scotland Broch of Gurness, Orkney
Photo by: Adrian Warren
Iron Ores, Steel works at Port Talbot, South Wales Iron Ore Terminal, Port Talbot
Photo by: Dae Sasitorn
Aerial Image of Mount Roraima, Canaima National Park, Venezuela Mount Roraima
Photo by: Adrian Warren
The magestic Tepuis of Venezuela...
Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, Midway Geyser Basin, the largest hot spring in the USA Grand Prismatic Hot Spring, Yellowstone
Photo by: Adrian Warren
Aerial images of the USA
Mining Damage, Mazaruni River, Upper Mazaruni District, Guyana Mining Damage, Mazaruni River, Guyana
Photo by: Adrian Warren
Rainforest under Threat
Car dump in Prairies, Rocky Mountain Front, Montana, USA Car dump in Prairies, Montana, USA
Photo by David Woodfall
Environmental Issues
Mountain Gorilla (Gorilla g. beringei), Virunga Volcanoes, Rwanda Mountain Gorilla, Rwanda
Photo by: Adrian Warren
A large archive of
Endangered Species
Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus), male in snow, Hudson Bay, northeastern Canada Polar Bear, Hudson Bay, northeastern Canada
Photo by: David Woodfall
The 'Ice Bear'
Giant Panda juvenile (Ailuropoda melanoleuca), on tree in snow, Qinling Mts., Shaanxi, China Giant Panda juvenile
Qinling Mts., Shaanxi, China
Photo by: Adrian Warren
The disappearing bear
native of China
Komodo Dragon (Varanus komodoensis), Komodo Island, Indonesia Komodo Dragon
Komodo Islands, Indonesia
Photo by: Adrian Warren
The largest living Lizard
Golden-crowned Sifaka
Daraina, Madagascar
Photo by: Adrian Warren
Endangered Lemur Species
All white Albino
Ring-tailed lemur,
Photo by: Adrian Warren
The Unusual Lemur...
A large collection
of the Waorani Indian
(1974, 1983, 2002)
Vampire BAT feeding on
a donkey, Trinidad
Photo by: Adrian Warren
The bloodthirsty...
Yellow-dart Poison FROG
Southern Colombia,
Photo by: Adrian Warren
The Deadly Amphibian..
Earwig (SEM)
Photo by: David Spears
Colored by Dae Sasitorn
Small but beautiful...
Coloured SEM images
Photo by: Dae Sasitorn
Macro Photography
Bamboo tunnel forest at Wat Chulabhorn Wanaram, Ban na district,Nakhon Nayok province,Thailand. Bamboo tunnel forest at Wat Chulabhorn Wanaram, Thailand.
Photo by: Rungsilp Sasitorn
A Journey to the Far East..
Rice field terrace
Baan Pa Pong Pisng
Chiang Mai
Photo by: Rungsilp Sasitorn
Agriculture on the hill side...
Fishing, Thailand
Photo by: Rungsilp Sasitorn
Rural life...
Photo by: Rungsilp Sasitorn Magnificent Water Falls... Rice Fields, Thailand
Photo by: Rungsilp Sasitorn
Sunflowers, Thailand
Photo by: Rungsilp Sasitorn
China Clay, St Austell, Cornwall
Photo by: Dae Sasitorn
Didcot Power Station, Oxford
Photo by: Dae Sasitorn
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