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Photography: Macro and Micro Photography

David Spears is a retired cameraman, producer and photographer. He is a Zoologist graduate from London University and holds two FRPS distinctions, an ASIS qualification from the RPS and is a Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society.

His companies Science Pictures and Clouds Hill Imaging produced over 300 documentary programmes for BBC, C4, ITV, Discovery etc. Some won awards from Royal Television Society, British medical Association, and European Educational Association among others.

David delights in exploreing the range of imaging techniques used by scientists and technologists and provides images that demonstrate that informative pictures produced for scientists do not have to be unattractive and badly composed.

The equipment in his studio includes 1967 Zeiss photomicroscope converted to LED lighting and mirror less digital cameras and a Zeiss LEO 430 scanning electron microscope. David has also been pioneering the focus stacking technology, building two different systems, working with mirror less cameras.

Published book: Unseen Companions: Big Views of Tiny Creatures (published by Last Refuge)

See all pictures taken by David here

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