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Gorilla0267: 8 08:13:07:09
Pan from above down shot of Hagenia forest, the home of the mountain Gorilla
Gorilla0268: 8 08:19:20:21
Shot of rural area with hut in the foreground and mountain in background. Shot zooms in closer to the hut, smoke is coming through the roof
Gorilla0269: 8 08:22:17:09
Shot of rural area with hut in the foreground with a lady sweeping and mountain in background.
Gorilla0270: 18 18:18:39:12
Young Gorilla scratching back, face and ear
Gorilla0271: 18 18:39:19:15
Young Gorilla scratching, then rolls down, joined by an adult
Gorilla0272: 12 12:01:40:16
A face of a Gorilla resting with eyes closed
Gorilla0273: 12 12:04:57:00
Looking through vegetation, Silverback Gorilla sitting then lies down to rest
Gorilla0261: 7 07:52:20:01
A group of Mountain Gorilla resting in the clearing
Gorilla0262: 8 08:05:35:17
Forest, shot tilts down to the fast flowing river below
Gorilla0263: 8 08:07:19:07
Water fast flowing on rock
Gorilla0264: 8 08:07:41:24
Forest with waterfall, shot slowly tilted down
Gorilla0265: 8 08:09:43:22
Close up fast flowing of water from the waterfall
Gorilla0266: 8 08:12:02:07
Pan left to right shot of Hagenia forest, the home of the mountain Gorilla
Gorilla0251: 2 02:06:17:16
Adult Gorilla sitting in the clearing, another male came in shot to inspect the camera
Gorilla0252: 2 02:12:26:10
Silverback Gorilla lying on the ground and reaching hand out to the camera. Second shot of two adults sitting quietly then a young gorilla running straight between them to the camera
Gorilla0253: 3 03:10:43:18
Blackback Gorilla from sitting, walking very close to camera.
Gorilla0254: 3 03:11:33:20
Adult Gorilla, walking close to camera, goes to the left then to the right, stops to inspect the camera
Gorilla0255: 3 03:19:35:06
Silverback Gorilla, eating thistle, gets up and reaches out to touch the camera and walks out of shot. Second shot of adult Gorilla feeding
Gorilla0256: 3 03:42:44:12
Group resting, one close to camera turns round, looks, creeping closer and touches lens with fingers. group resting
Gorilla0241: 33 08:00:29:14
Mother Gorilla holding a newborn baby
Gorilla0257: 3 03:46:40:17
Blackback Gorilla chest beating, one other walks in and camera pans to see another, they play and disappear out of shot
Gorilla0242: 33 08:01:38:05
Mother with new-born infant in arms
Gorilla0258: 4 04:27:07:08
Silverback Gorilla resting, another appears so close to the right and inspects the lens.
Gorilla0243: 34 08:00:12:08
Newborn infant Gorilla (baby) in mother’s arms
Gorilla0259: 4 04:43:08:18
Group of Gorilla moving in and out of shot to right
Gorilla0244: 34 08:01:54:13
New-born Gorilla infant (baby) in mothers arms
Gorilla0260: 7 07:09:33:23
Mother and young Gorilla resting, mother pushed the young one out and walks out, the young Gorilla stands still and looks at camera
Gorilla0245: 34 08:02:55:01
The head of new-born baby Gorilla, yawns and turns to look at camera

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